Customer Focused

At the start of any project, we ask questions to fully understand not just your requirements, but also your current processes and resources. We believe it is essential that our solutions meet your demands while meshing seamlessly with your current practices. We will work with you to develop a well vetted and agreed upon statement of work. In the end, you will receive a complete solution and own the IP.

Effective Communication

At the heart of the DAPR philosophy, clear and concise communication is paramount. We strive for open and continuous communication throughout the process that will allow us to integrate seamlessly with your team and quickly adapt as the project and goals develop. For time and material projects specifically, we review and share all details with you on a regular basis.

  1. Define the task: We work with you to fully understand the task and end goal. We compile necessary information to completely identify the task and work towards a solution.

  2. Brainstorm: Drawing on our creativity and extensive experience in a wide range of fields, we compile a variety of options for any potential scenario while considering all factors.

  3. Design: Our engineers and project managers work together with you to identify the best and most feasible concepts. Design, analysis, and prototyping are all pieces of the design phase that lead to a successful end product.

  4. Deliver: Whether a 3D CAD model or a production ready machine is your goal, we are ready to transform your project into reality.

Reduce Risks Early On

DAPR places high priority on early risk identification and mitigation because we believe it is crucial to keeping projects on track. Through weekly design reviews, an internal checking process, and constant internal and client communication, any potential problems are explored in the beginning phases to ensure a smooth and timely process moving forward.

Phased Approach

DAPR’s phased approach stems from our experience with all phases of engineering design. Our team members are experienced in brainstorming for concept generation, detailed analysis, drafting and detailing, procurement, turning wrenches for assembly, and the final installation and implementation. Therefore, we are able to support you at every stage to make you successful.

DAPR has worked on products at all stages of their life cycle. We have completed full design on machines for cost estimates, one-off proof of concepts, alpha and beta builds of production machines, and even analyses and reports on failures found in third party production parts. Our engineers are ready to provide you with assistance for any engineering challenges you are facing.

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