Tyler Mott
Project Manager

Tyler is a recent addition to the DAPR team and joined in March of 2021 as a Project Manager. Tyler graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2015 with a dual major in Mechanical and Biomedical engineering. For his senior thesis, Tyler worked with a plastic surgeon at UMASS Memorial Hospital to design and build an ergonomic, handheld syringe pump to accurately dispense small amounts of fluid. Since graduation, he has worked for an engineering consulting services company honing his skills, first as a Systems Engineer and then transitioning to Technical Project Management. Tyler believes fundamentally that a technical understanding of a project is key to being a good project manager. His technical background allows him dive deep into technical details when necessary, but then quickly zoom back out to the high level.


Tyler and his girlfriend made a pact to travel internationally each year and luckily fit in a trip before COVID began in 2020, so their streak is still intact. So far, their favorite city was Munich, but you never know where they’ll end up next.