What is Neurala?

Neurala is an AI software technology utilized in vision inspection. Their cost-effective AI tools are easy to implement into existing systems, allowing for tighter detection of product anomalies or variations.
DAPR is a certified partner of Neruala. Neurala utilizes the Lifelong-Deep Neural Network (L-DNN) to create a cost effective inspection tool that continues to learn even while in production. Neurala is a flexible system that can be implemented in almost any process to reduce downtime and increase efficiency, while only relying on two modules, Brain Builder and Inspector. 
 Brain builder allows users to seamlessly create robust AI models from just a small collection of images. From there, Inspector is used to integrate to the production line on any modern PC. Neurala is the AI inspection solution that allows the manufacturers of today to meet the fluctuating demand of customers tomorrow.

Sample Neurala Use Cases 


Plastic Injection Molding

Neurala Software Examples 

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