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At Re:Build DAPR Engineering, we work with OEM's and inventors to make products a reality. Many years of diverse experience provide us with the insight, creativity, innovation, and awareness to embrace all complex challenges. We work as an extension of your team to complement your product and process knowledge with our engineering expertise. We will collaborate with you to develop the best solution at the target cost to meet market or process requirements.

Proof of Concept and Prototyping​

  • Identify risks and plan risk mitigation through development of prototypes ​

  • Discovery phase allows concept generation and drives initial research

Product Design and Development​​

  • Rigorous engineering as the foundation of the design

  • Investigate industry technology to secure most advanced solution

  • Perform engineering analysis using offline calculations, FEA, FMEA

  • Utilize documentation packages that have the option to be customized using your own templates

  • Collaborate with you to develop the best solution at the target cost to meet market requirements

Process Development​​

  • Develop equipment for refining and optimizing your process​

White Sheet to Production​​

  • Work with you in any phase of your product life cycle  (concept, design, product, pre-production run, etc.) to help you get your product to market​

Pre-Production Manufacturing​​

  • Bridge the gap between your engineering phase and product release by providing small production runs​








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