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At Re:Build DAPR Engineering, we take pride in the systems and solutions we develop for clients. Highlighted endeavors can be explored within the pages below

Printing Press Transport

Learn how Re:Build DAPR successfully designed and integrated an innovative automated material transport system for a client's single-pass printing platforms.

Industry: Industrial Printers

Custom Mask Packing Automation Workcell Integration

Successful retrofit of a mask producing machine to also package masks at a specific rate and with minimal rejects.

Industry: Manufacturing, Biomedical, Surgical Masks

Automated Punch Press

Successful design of a custom automation solution for the processing of aluminum extrusions.

Industry: Manufacturing

Biotech Laboratory Automation

Successful integration of industrial and lab automation to create a large-scale COVID-19 diagnostic testing lab.

Industry: Biotech/Pharmaceutical

Fuel Cell Assembly Automation

Successful design of a custom automation solution for the singulation and material handling of porous fuel cell substrate.

Industry: Fuel Cells

OEM 3D Printer Development

Successful commercialization of a metal 3D inkjet printing process.

Industry: Additive Manufacturing

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