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DAPR Engineering and The Pilot Group joined Re:Build Manufacturing as Re:Build DAPR Engineering in 2020 with a history stretching back decades across a variety of engineering disciplines. With a culture rooted in the principles of engineering, we pride ourselves on using the best available industry tools and practices with a hands-on approach to produce the unique solutions to complex engineering challenges for our customers. All work is client-driven.  

Mission Statement: Re:Build DAPR Engineering is committed to providing the highest level of engineering services in order to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction.


Re:Build DAPR Engineering is dedicated to satisfying our clients’ needs. We are available for extended hours and on site to ensure your success.


We understand that our clients don’t always have the luxury of a long development cycle. Re:Build DAPR Engineering can deliver solutions quickly, including full documentation and working prototypes.


Re:Build DAPR Engineering offers professional engineering services in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Texas.


Re:Build DAPR Engineering knows that different clients have different resources and budgets. We can help you reach success at a cost level that works for you.


Providing a client with a good design is not the same as providing a client with a solution based on using sound engineering principles to back a creative design approach. Executing analysis and engineering allows for robust designs while minimizing risk, which create greater opportunities for the success of our clients.

Extensive Experience

Re:Build DAPR Engineering has a focus on its clients as well as its employees. The company has ample experience with varied backgrounds in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software integration, machining, fabrication and project management. The team continues to grow with the addition of individuals from highly accredited engineering institutions along with co-ops and interns. Each team member has been chosen to join Re:Build DAPR Engineering not just for their skills, but also for their initiative and dedication to seeing the job done correctly and completely. Our experts have worked on the cutting edge of industrial technology in fields such as crystal growing, pressure vessel design, thermal chambers, 2D and 3D printing, laser scanning and galvanometers, robotics, laser construction and processing, machining, ferro-fluidic seals, movie special effects, astronomical instruments, and even pizza. The Re:Build Manufacturing network provides direct access to over 400 engineers across 11 sister companies, including fabrication, software and large-scale manufacturing capabilities, and Re:Build DAPR Engineering can leverage this network to more efficiently solve problems.

Collaborative Environment

Re:Build DAPR Engineering prides itself with a company culture that is encouraging, supportive, and collaborative. All designs and calculations are internally peer-reviewed, and all drawings are checked by one or two other engineers before they are released.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Re:Build DAPR Engineering understands the importance of strong company culture. With biweekly company picnics in the summer, company-wide adventures and outings, and a game room to play the Re:Build DAPR Engineering invented game of Volley Pong or a match of Super Smash Bros., there is ample opportunity for employees to enjoy their time and bond in the workplace. Additionally, the team always finds ways to get together outside of work through the Re:Build DAPR Engineering golf league, by playing basketball, or throwing pool parties. 

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